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Construction of the new Seattle Center Skate Plaza is underway! The City selected Seattle-based Grindline Skateparks to build this exciting project.

Seattle Center’s former skatepark at the corner of Thomas and 2nd Ave N – known to local skaters as "SeaSk8," – was the product of years of collaboration between the City of Seattle and Seattle's skateboarding community. SeaSk8 was closed in October 2018 and was demolished as part of the renovation of the New Arena at Seattle Center. We said our goodbyes with a closing celebration and final skate session with games and prizes for skaters of all ages.

The new skate plaza was designed by VDZ+A and New Line Skateparks, who worked in close partnership with Seattle Center, Skate Like A Girl and the Seattle Center Skatepark Coalition to plan a new Skate Plaza that will add variety to our citywide skatepark network. This project will transform a former road -- a portion of Broad Street across the street from Seattle Center that has been closed to cars since 2014 – into an active community space. The City’s recently approved plan to Redefine Thomas Street will greatly contribute to making the skate plaza a safe and welcoming place.

Our team took your input from public open houses, more than 350 survey responses, and conversations with you in person at community meetings, tournaments, and skateboarding workshops. The new Seattle Center Skate Plaza is designed for street-style skateboarding, with a focus on providing flexible space for beginner-level skateboarders to learn and practice skills. Because the site connects to a public alleyway, the skate plaza design is divided into two skate spaces, connected by a sidewalk. In the future, if new development makes it possible to close the alley, we plan to connect the two sides into one continuous space.

Local artist Perri Howard is also helping us re-install the original artwork she created for SeaSk8 – including a glass wallride -- in this new location.

We look forward to opening the Skate Plaza in mid-2021. Visit Skate Like A Girl’s website for more info to come about skate camps and other events!

View the boards presented at the first public open house at Seattle Center Armory Lofts on January 19, 2019.
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