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Our campus is a diverse venue that attracts guests from all over the world as well as our neighboring communities.  Often our campus will host celebrations, free speech events, concerts, commercial events, banquets, fundraisers walk, runs and exhibits. If there’s an event that delights and inspires the human spirit, you are sure to find it at Seattle Center.

If you are interested in hosting your next event on our campus, please look over the selections below to see what option might best fit your needs.

Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our City, region and country, Seattle Center does not currently permit events on the campus. Seattle Center will resume hosting events in compliance with the Washington State Safe Start Plan, which allows for small gatherings in Phase 3 and groups of more than 50 in Phase 4. Seattle Center continues to accept applications and booking inquiries for events; however, booking requests for Q4 events in 2020 and Q1 & Q2 events in 2021 will not be confirmed or licensed until our City has reached the appropriate Safe Start phase.

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