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* International Fountain closed for updates and maintenance April 6 - end of June.

International Fountain, a mainstay from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, was reimagined and expanded in 1995. The update transformed the fountain from an inaccessible, sharped-edged white rock to an extraordinary and fully accessible focal point for the grounds that invited children to splash in in its bowl and try to out-wit its 125-high super shooters. Now a quarter century later, International Fountain is in need of another update - and maintenance - so that children of all ages can once again venture up to its smooth, silver dome. The fountain will close on April 6 so that its lighting and microshooters may be upgraded and the fountain bowl re-caulked. Work will also be undertaken on the high-tech control panel that directs the shooters and fountain music.

On top of its attraction to the community, the Fountain also takes care of nature. All of the water is recycled and it’s probably the cleanest in the city, with three types of treatment before it ever reaches the public.

International Fountain Fast Facts

Built: Originally in 1961 for 1962 World’s Fair
Replaced & rebuilt: 1995
Landscape Architect: Kenichi Nakano & Associates
Mechanical Designer: WET Design
Diameter of bowl: 220’
Height & width of dome: 10’ tall & 27’ wide
Water Capacity: 9,000 gallons
Water Shooters: 137 total mist nozzles, 77 fleur-de-lis', 56 microshooters, 4 Super Shooters
Height reached by Super Shooters: 120’
Water in one Super Shooter: 66 gallons
Air pressure in one Super Shooter shot: 120 psi
Number of water programs synchronized to music: 5
Welcome to Seattle Center Show, Aaron Copeland’s ‘Billy the Kid,’ Duke Ellington, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and a mix from Northwest Rock ‘n Roll legends.
Time of shows: up to 12 minutes

International Fountain Music Mix

Current and past mixes played at the International Fountain are available on Mixcloud

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