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Friday, February 23, 2024
7:00 p.m.
Charlotte Martin Theatre (SEATTLE CHILDRENS THEATRE)
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The discovery of a worn pink wrestling mask prompts Nana Lupita, a Wisconsin grandmother, to share her coming of age story growing up in 1960s Texas. As we follow Lupita’s journey, we witness her life as a daring teen tomboy; bike riding with her friends, working at her father’s flower stand, and lucha libre. When a World Championship match is announced, Lupita’s excitement explodes; she anticipates seeing it until she discovers her ailing father is one of the wrestlers. With the help of a magical mask maker, Lupita secretly trains to take her father’s place. She soon finds it difficult keeping her secret from her friends and, most importantly, her father.


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8:00 p.m.

Marc Anthony : Historia Tour

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Top selling salsa artist and Latin music legend Marc Anthony announces the Historia Tour.

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