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Our campus is a diverse venue that attracts guests from all over the world as well as our neighboring communities.  Often our campus will host celebrations, free speech events, concerts, commercial events, banquets, fundraisers walk, runs and exhibits. If there’s an event that delights and inspires the human spirit, you are sure to find it at Seattle Center.

We  takes a holistic approach to reviewing and prioritizing campus events that considers: inclusive representation of community benefit; availability of facilities and staffing; impacts on budget; and balance in programmatic content. This change in our business practices, moving away from a first-come first-served model, represents a commitment to removing access barriers and better serving all of our community.

Seattle Center recognizes that the goal of a more inclusive and equitable system is something we need to continue to strive for, and we invite event producers to join us in this effort.

If you are interested in hosting your next event on our campus, please look over the selections below to see what option might best fit your needs.   Then fill out the Inquiry Form to get the process started.

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