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Friday, March 29, 2024
6:00 p.m.
Northwest Courtyard (Upper NW Courtyard)
Free Event

Tango is a combination of dance, music, and culture that began in Argentina in the early 1900s. It's found not only in concerts, movies, and shows, but also in neighborhood dance halls all over the world. The bandoneón -- a German instrument created in the 1800s -- was later brought over to Argentina, where it joined the guitar in creating the Tango sound.

Born in Taiwan (geographically opposite Argentina), Chih-yu Chao discovered Tango in 2008 as a social dancer and was immediately drawn to its music. A bandoneón later found her and turned her into a Tango musician, singing and playing for dancers and spectators alike.

Together with guitarist Stuart Zobel, Chih-yu will take you on a musical journey to the "Golden Age" of Argentine Tango (1930-1950s), as well as demonstrate some parallels with music from the other side of the world.

More Info on Artists:
Chih-yu Chao: voice and bandoneón
Stuart Zobel: guitar

Artists At the Center is a multi-year collaboration between Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Center, with support from Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition and the communities adjacent to Seattle Center campus. The project is made possible by a 10-year grant from Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Kraken.

Join us as we introduce emerging and established artists and celebrate their talent on a newly revitalized Seattle Center campus. Artists are given a performance opportunity, allowing them to connect with new audiences, display their talents and advance their careers. Visitors to campus and the surrounding neighborhood benefit from surprising and delightful pop-up performances throughout the year. Each year, artists are selected with an equity and social justice lens, ensuring equitable representation for underserved and emerging artists. Artistic genres include music, dance, theater, demonstrations, and multi-disciplinary work.

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