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Saturday, August 27, 2022
11:00 a.m.
Armory Food & Event Hall
Free Event

Tibet Fest is part of the Seattle Center Festál series and produced in partnership with Tibetan Association of Washington (TAW).

In 2022, Seattle Center Festál is celebrating 25 years of stories and traditions. The theme, "Where the World Gathers" links together the series of 24 free festivals presented throughout the year, each with a unique cultural focus, identity, and range of engaging activities.

COVID-19 Protocols:
In terms of COVID requirements, Seattle Center is a City of Seattle department. Thus, we are following the guidance from the City of Seattle as well as King County Public Health. Learn about Seattle Center's health and safety protocols at our events. To protect the public, City staff and contractors are asked to be fully vaccinated.

The festival will take place in-person August 27, 11am-5pm and August 28, 12pm-6pm in the Armory Food & Event Hall. Tibet Fest is a showcase of unique Tibet culture through performances, arts, foods, films, and exhibitions. It is free and open to the public.


  • Cultural performances and workshops
  • Showcase of Tibetan designers along with a fashion show  
  • Historical exhibit on Tibet
  • Short documentary films on Tibet
  • Free meditation sessions

The 2022 Tibet Fest poster was designed by Zenden Nhangkar is a fourth-year student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA pursuing degrees in Design (BA-FI) and Communication Studies (BA-HS). She is an alumni of the Tibetan Association of Washington’s Tibetan Language and Culture Class - TLCC and most recently completed the International Campaign for Tibet’s 2021 Tibetan Youth Leadership Program. She also works as a Business Development Intern at Green Project Solutions Group. In her spare time she enjoys running, rock climbing and doodling.


Saturday, August 27, 11am-5pm

11:00am Tibetan & American National Anthem by Tibetan Language and Culture School (TLCC) and Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association (NWTCA) students
11:10am Lamp Lighting Ceremony & Address by Seattle Center Director, Robert Nellams
11:20am Welcome Address by Kunchok Gonpo, President of Tibetan Association of Washington (TAW)
11:30am Address by Tsering Yuthok Short Iak, Director of Tibetan Language and Culture School (TLCC)
11:35am Tashi Shoepa (Ex Tipa)
11:50am Tendral Yagmo (Solo Song by NWTCA)
11:55am Dhomey Lhadrang Dance (Nyenchen Thanglha)
12:00pm Mani Yidruk (TAW group song)
12:10pm Dhangpo Nangne Yongdue (NWTCA group song)
12:15pm Bhumoe Shelpa (Nyenchen Thanglha)
12:20pm Thoeshey Tsepay Lhamo Bhuti (Ex Tipa)
12:30pm Nyingduk Iak (Khorwa Band)
12:35pm Driru Dance (Nyenchen Thanglha)
12:40pm Tsang kyi Ajo (Lobsang Tsering)
12:50pm Offering to Yogin in the form of dance (Nyenchen Thanglha)
1:00pm-2:00pm LUNCH BREAK
2:00pm Shanak; Black Hat Dance (Ex Tipa)
2:10pm Nakchoo Go Dro (Tenzin Lhadon)
2:15pm Zom Zom group song (NWTCA)
2:25pm Nangthoe (TAW)
2:35pm Dra Nyen Shabdro (Ex Tipa)
2:45pm Gorshey Konglho Sungdhen (Trisong group)
2:50pm Dromo Rinchen Kangla (Sherap Wangmo)
3:05pm Ngatso Bhoekyi drokpa (Khorwa Band)
3:10pm Dro Sapa (Tenzin Lhadon)
3:15pm Domey Lhadrang kyi kordo (NWTCA)
3:25pm Ngama Chala (Sherap Wangmo)
3:35pm Phuyi Samling Gompa (Trisong Group)
3:40pm Ngoenpa Dance (Ex Tipa)
4:00pm Tibetan Circle Dance (Gorshey)

Sunday, August 28, 12pm-6pm

12:00pm Tibetan & American National Anthem by Tibetan Language and Culture School (TLCC) and Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association (NWTCA) students
12:10pm Welcome Address by Kunchok Gonpo, President of Tibetan Association of Washington (TAW)
12:15pm Tashi Shoepa (Ex Tipa)
12:25pm Tendral Yagmo (Solo Song by NWTCA)
12:35pm Dhomey Lhadrang Dance (Nyenchen Thanglha)
12:40pm Mani Yidruk (TAW group song)
12:45pm Dhangpo Nangne Yongdue (NWTCA group song)
12:50pm Bhumoe Shelpa (Nyenchen Thanglha)
12:55pm Thoeshey Zepe Lhamo Bhuti (Ex Tipa)
1:05pm Nyingduk lak (Khorwa band)
1:10pm Driru dance (Nyenchen Thanglha)
1:15pm Tsang kyi Ajo (Lobsang Tsering)
1:20pm Offering to Yogin in the form of dance (Nyenchen Thanglha)
1:30-2:30pm LUNCH BREAK
2:30pm Shanak; Black Hat dance (Ex Tipa)
2:40pm Dawoe Semo (Tenzin Lhadon)
2:45pm Zom Zom group song (NWTCA)
2:55pm Nangthoe (TLCS)
3:05pm Dra Nyen shabdro (Ex Tipa)
3:15pm Gorshey Konglho Sungdhek (Trisong group)
3:25pm Dromo Rinchen Kangla (Sherap Wangmo)
3:35pm Toeshey Nechen Rongpo (TLCS)
3:40pm Ngatso Bhoekyi drokpa (Khorwa band)
3:50pm Domey Lhadrang kyi kordo (NWTCA)
4:00pm Ngama Chala (Sherap Wangmo)
4:10pm Phuyi Samling Gompa (Trisong Group)
4:15pm Ngoenpa Dance (Ex Tipa)
4:30pm Tibetan Circle Dance (Gorshey)

MOVIES (Armory Lofts)

  • Dolma, Jim Sanjay (15 minutes)
  • The Athlete Tibetan Stories 4, Carey Russell (11 minutes)
  • The Graduates Tibetan Stories: Part 2, Carey Russell (12 minutes)
  • The Tibetan Girl, Huaqing Jin (31 minutes)


From the prestigious Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in Dharamsala, India, this year's Tibet Fest showcases five talented artists whose common beginnings have led each of them to their own dynamic careers and with the one underlying motive of Tibet at heart.

TSERING DOLKER from a young age was trained in Tibetan singing and dancing at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. Music is her passion and feels that through the music, she can preserve and promote Tibet's cultural heritage which she feels is a gradual unnoticeable pace of extinctiom She strongly believes that music can change the world into a more peaceful planet.

SHERAP WANGMO was bom and raised in India. She joined the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts at a very young age. She performed all around India and the world for many years and played the lead in all Lhamo (Tibetan Operas). She continues to perform solo and with a group of other TIPA graduates in the United States and Canada. Currently, she lives in Minneapolis.

LHARIK DHAKPA was bom in southem India and joined TIPA when he was just nine years old. In 2016 he was designated as a TIPA dance & music instructor. Now, he lives in Seatle and teaches music & dance tothe students of the local Tibetan Language and Culture Class. He believes that being an artist of this generation, he has a huge responsibility as a torch bearer to pass down Tibetan culture and traditions to the next generation.

LOBSANG TSERING is a singer, musician, and dancer, who trained in the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TlPA), Dharamsala. After graduating from TIPA in 2006, Lobsang became a full-time music teacher at Sambhota Tibetan School and served there for 3 years in India. After relocating to Portland, Oregon in 2009, Lobsang has been teaching Tibetan songs, music, dance, and instruments to the local Tibetan children living in Oregon and SW Washington. Lobsang also volunteers to teach the Sunday School children of Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association, a non-profit organization in Portland.

TASHI DHONDIJP is a Tibetan institute of performing arts (TIPA) graduate in India, He came to the USA in 200B and lives in Portland OR.

2022 Tibet Fest Poster

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