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One Stop Ballot Shop
Debate watch party and candidate mingle
10/16/2012 5:00 PM

One Stop Ballet Shop

Do you find your voter’s pamphlet to be a bit too impersonal? Want the opportunity to really get to know what's on your ballot, top to bottom? Join us for a free interactive viewing party for the Presidential debate and Governor debate where you can weigh in with your opinions. Stick around to meet local candidates and initiative representatives. Enjoy the beer/wine garden and food vendors while discussing the pros and cons of issues and candidates with fellow citizens. While you decide how to vote, don't just rely on the election material each candidate and initiative has sent you, come and meet them and ask that question that's been on your mind! The event is free but pre-registration is recommended at


 This event is brought to you by Next 50 Civic Action Month, CityClub, and Seattle Works. 


We’ve invited the candidates from the following races to join us:


President (representatives) 

Governor (representatives)           

Senate (representatives)

Attorney General

Secretary of State

State Auditor

State Treasurer

Commissioner of Public Lands

Insurance Commissioner

11th Legislative District

33rd Legislative District

34th Legislative District

36th Legislative District

37th Legislative District

43rd Legislative District

46th Legislative District

7th Congressional District

9th Congressional District

Judicial candidates

King County Sheriff

I-1185: 2/3 majority tax

I-1240: Charter Schools

I-502: Marijuana legalization

Ref 74: Same-sex marriage

City of Seattle Prop 1: Seawall Levy


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